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Welcome to, a dedicated website for finding baby names. Having a newborn baby boy or girl is one of the happiest moments for parents, but choosing the perfect name can be confusing. Don't worry you are in the right place. Our extensive baby name directory offers a comprehensive list of over 3 million names for baby girls, boys, and unisex names, complete with their origins and meanings. We have also added a unique name generator to create names using parents' names.

About is one of the world's largest databases of baby names. We strive to improve it every day by adding new names. You can find out all kinds of names, like American, Russian, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Canadian, Chinese, Thai, Indian, and much more. Additionally, you can find baby names sorted by religion, easily accessing Biblical names, Arabic names, Hindu names, Sikh names, and others based on religious categories.

Our journey began in 2020 to help people find names that resonate with their hearts. We understand that a name is more than just a few letters; it should be meaningful, cute, modern, and unique. Our site grows every day with the addition of more beautiful names, as suggested by our users. If you're searching for a cute and modern name for your little one, your search ends here. We've made it easy to search and find a name that fits your preferences. With a vast collection of baby names from around the world, you can explore the meaning, origin, and definition details of each name on our website. Use our platform to discover a beautiful name for your little cutie pie.

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