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About is a nonprofit organization established in 2020. Our main aim is to help parents find a heart-touching and meaningful name for their little ones. We boast a vast collection of baby names from around the world, spanning different origins, religions, and countries. Our developers have made it easy to search and find the perfect name you're looking for. updates with new names daily and strives to add many more with the help of our visitor suggestions. Our goal is to make this website one of the world's largest free databases of baby names for parents seeking beautiful names for their cutie pie.
We understand that one of the most important and challenging tasks for parents is giving and choosing a beautiful name for their little one. A name is not merely a few letters; it will stay with the child throughout their entire life and may even shape their character and destiny. Some parents believe that a name can influence a child's development and personality.
Whether you are expecting a baby girl or a baby boy, you can explore our huge database and find the exact name you have in mind. Here, you can discover religious names, goddess names, the latest modern names, rare names, and names for siblings. We have made it easy to find the perfect name for your precious baby.
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