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40 Greek Mythology Inspired Baby Names (Gods & Goddesses)

If you're seeking a baby name that radiates strength, wisdom, and timeless allure, Greek mythology offers a rich source of inspiration. These ancient tales are filled with gods, titans, and heroes whose names embody power and grace. From the majestic Olympians to brave mythic figures, Greek mythology provides names steeped in history and meaning, perfect for a child destined to stand out.

Greek myths have enchanted us for centuries, influencing art, literature, and modern media. Choosing a name from this mythic tradition not only honors these legendary stories but also imparts a sense of depth and significance. Explore our selection of Greek mythology-inspired names to find a name that captures both the magic and majesty of these ancient legends.

 Apollo - The god of music, healing, and prophecy. Apollo was known for his beauty and skill in various arts, and his name signifies brightness and clarity.

Athena - The goddess of wisdom, war, and craft. Athena was revered for her strategic skill in warfare and her patronage of the arts and education.

Persephone - The queen of the Underworld and goddess of spring. Persephone's myth involves her dual role as both the goddess of rebirth and the consort of Hades.

Hermes - The messenger of the gods, associated with travel, commerce, and cunning. Hermes was known for his speed and wit.

Hercules - A legendary hero known for his incredible strength and his twelve labors. Hercules symbolizes immense courage and strength.

Artemis - The goddess of the hunt and wilderness. Artemis is often associated with purity and independence.

Zeus - The king of the gods and ruler of Mount Olympus. Zeus represents supreme authority and justice in Greek mythology.

Hera - The queen of the gods and goddess of marriage and family. Hera is known for her powerful presence and protective nature.

Aphrodite - The goddess of love and beauty. Aphrodite’s name signifies allure and romantic charm.

Ares - The god of war and conflict. Ares embodies the fierce and chaotic aspects of battle.

Demeter - The goddess of the harvest and agriculture. Demeter is deeply connected with fertility and the changing seasons.

Hades - The god of the Underworld and the dead. Hades represents the realm of the afterlife and the inevitability of death.

Dionysus - The god of wine, revelry, and theater. Dionysus symbolizes ecstasy, creativity, and the transformative power of wine.

Theseus - A legendary hero and king of Athens known for his many adventures, including the slaying of the Minotaur.

Helios - The god of the sun, who drove his chariot across the sky each day. Helios represents the radiant and life-giving aspects of the sun.

Selene - The goddess of the moon, often depicted driving a chariot across the night sky. Selene embodies the mystical and nurturing qualities of the moon.

Eros - The god of love and attraction, often depicted as a mischievous winged figure. Eros signifies the power of love and desire.

Psyche - A mortal woman who became the goddess of the soul. Psyche's story is one of love, transformation, and perseverance.

Nike - The goddess of victory, often depicted with wings. Nike represents triumph and success in both battle and competition.

Hestia - The goddess of the hearth and domestic life. Hestia symbolizes home, family, and the sacred fire.

Icarus - A hero known for his flight with wings made of feathers and wax. Icarus’s name is associated with ambition and the consequences of hubris.

Orpheus - A legendary musician whose music could charm all living things. Orpheus represents the power of art and the tragic nature of his love story.

Morpheus - The god of dreams, who could appear in any form to the dreamer. Morpheus symbolizes the realm of dreams and illusions.

Achilles - A hero of the Trojan War known for his nearly invincible nature. Achilles signifies great valor and tragic vulnerability.

Andromeda - A princess who was saved by Perseus from a sea monster. Andromeda symbolizes both beauty and resilience.

Calliope - The muse of epic poetry and eloquence. Calliope represents the art of storytelling and inspiration.

Chiron - A wise and noble centaur known for his healing abilities and knowledge. Chiron embodies wisdom and compassion.

Cassandra - A prophetess cursed never to be believed. Cassandra’s name represents foresight and the burden of truth.

Leto - The mother of Apollo and Artemis, associated with motherhood and protection. Leto signifies nurturing and maternal care.

Eurydice - The wife of Orpheus who was lost to the Underworld. Eurydice’s name evokes themes of love and loss.

Pandora - The first woman created by the gods, known for opening the box that released all the world's evils. Pandora represents curiosity and unintended consequences.

Phaedra - The wife of Theseus who fell in love with her stepson. Phaedra’s story is one of tragic love and complex emotions.

Themis - The goddess of divine law and order. Themis embodies justice and fairness in the cosmic order.

Medusa - One of the Gorgons, known for her hair of snakes and ability to turn people to stone. Medusa represents both fear and the consequences of anger.

Eleni - Greek name meaning "light" or "torch." It is associated with Helen of Troy, known for her beauty and pivotal role in the Trojan War.

Aeolus - The god of the winds. Aeolus represents control over nature’s elements and the power of the air.

Thalia - One of the Muses, associated with comedy and idyllic poetry. Thalia symbolizes joy, creativity, and humor.

Nyx - The goddess of the night, often depicted as a shadowy figure. Nyx represents the profound and mysterious aspects of night.

Hercules - Another name associated with the mighty hero known for his strength and heroic deeds. Hercules signifies bravery and physical power.

Eris - The goddess of discord and strife. Eris

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